Monday, January 25, 2016

The language of education.

People always say the language of math is difficult. I love math and I love turning the difficult language into something kids can relate to. I used to tell stories about linear equations. How X and Y get married and are equal as they travel along a straight path together. Then m and b come along and everything changes. How y has to always change with x so they can remain equal partners.

I love that I could help kids see how graphing is a game. The B in the equation is a place on the coordinate game board where you BEGIN as you move your game piece from the origin and them M is how you move to the next point on the line.

My challenge is the language of education. My brain has a difficult time processing the language. I feel like I have educational dyslexia as the words come across the page my brain short circuits. I guess because I am looking for the practical language. How to convert the ideology into in plain english, the what do I DO part.

This week at #BETT2016 is came across this image.  HEUTAGOGY was the word that set my brain into panic mode - Self Guided Learning makes so much sense to me.
However, the word sent me on a self guided learning journey. I wanted to know more.  What I discovered is that this is not a new concept but one to think about as we look at how technology plays a role in learning how to learn. It helping our students think about how technology is a tool to guide them through a series of discoveries, sorting out their findings and coming to a deeper learning based on the learning journey.

#thingstoconsider as we #rethinkhighschool on our @XQAmerica challenge.


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