Thursday, February 4, 2016

The essential questions of life.

@i_r_she #yourstorymatters Yesterday our STEM students described a project to visitors who are the founders of iLead, a project-based school in California. The students were explaining how they work in collaboration with University of the Arts and The University of Pennsylvania. The essential question for a design project is "What is Home"? They studied the population of Chinese in North Chinatown and considered the homeless problem there. There was not a dry eye in the house as Chelsea describe the experience of volunteering in shelters and walking the streets of Chinatown to learn more about "home".

Our STEM program provides kids with the most incredible experiences from building E-textiles to raising fish and growing plants indoors to partnerships with the big universities in Philadelphia, learning design challenges and solving real world problems. Dr. Sheri Hanna has built an impressive program that puts kids first. Our students are making iTunes U courses that will become courses for new students coming in the STEM. I work in OZ.